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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to find quick answers to your queries about our detailing services and more.


Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to find answers about our mobile detailing services.

Exterior Detailing Questions

Honestly, it will vary from vehicle to vehicle. A traditional carnauba wax can last up to 3 months, synthetic waxes can last up to 5-6 months, and hybrid ceramic sealant waxes can last up to 6+ months. However, this depends on many factors such as; how much exposure the vehicle has to the elements, how well the vehicle is cared for between each waxing, if the vehicle if stored in a garage or not, if the vehicle is stored away during winter, etc. Because of the many factors involved, we recommend waxing at the beginning of every season to ensure your vehicle is always protected.

Absolutely! Ceramic coatings can be thought of as car waxes "on steroids". And just like waxes, they are a sacrificial layer used to protect your clear coat. However, there is some care needed to maintain them. Washing properly and routinely, removing anything that could cause damage as soon as possible (i.e. bird droppings, bugs, sap, etc.), and avoiding automatic car washes will help to extend their life. Ceramic coatings are NOT "scratch-proof", "rock chip-proof", "etch-proof", or "water spot-proof", but they can last years if maintained, are harder than a car’s clear coat, are swirl mark resistant, UV resistant, acid rain resistant, chemical resistant, hydrophobic, easier to clean, and give the vehicle a deep desirable shine.

The "steps" refer to how many required passes around the entire vehicle will be performed(For example: A "1-step" polish will use a light or medium cut polish around the entire vehicle one time. However, a "2-step" polish will require the use of a heavier cut compound to remove deeper defects first, followed by a light polish to refine the finish.

A clay bar is special automotive clay made for removing contaminations that bond to the paint of a vehicle, and will not come off from washing alone. A clay bar may increase the gloss, smoothness, and overall quality of the paint if there is an overabundance of contaminations.

Interior Detailing Questions

Yes, we shampoo the upholstery, carpets, and floor mats using whichever technique and chemicals are required in the moment.

Dressings are used to give car trim (i.e. plastics, vinyl, tires, etc.) a "like new" look while adding gloss and UV ray protection.

Short answer – Yes, as long as the stain has not set in.

Long answer - Not all stains are created equal. This means that depending on the age of the stain, whether the sun has "baked" the stain into the material, and/or what had caused the stain all factor into whether or not it is removable.

Miscellaneous Detailing Questions

In an ideal world, everyone should detail their cars every week or two, and wax every ~3 months. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a way of life. However, the more frequently you can have your car detailed, the longer you can prolong damage from happening such as: faded/oxidized paint, swirl marks, salt stains, bug/sap/bird dropping/acid rain etching, brake/rail dust buildup, pitted rims, yellow/foggy head lights, and more.

We accept credit cards(Visa/Mastercard), Interac debit cards, cash, and e-transfers. Credit cards include an additional 3% processing fee.

The only requirements from customers are access to electricity and water. If you feel the need to do more, removing items from trunks, center consoles, glove boxes and doors always help make the job go faster.

If you're looking to sell your car and want it cleaned, then our "Deluxe Package" would be recommended. If you're keeping your car and looking to get a "like new" detail with a high quality wax, our "Premium Package" or "Executive Package" would be highly recommended.

No, unfortunately we do not do same day appointments.

Yes, however while temperatures are near zero or sub-zero we do not provide mobile services and customers are required to bring their vehicles to us. Also our detailing services may be limited only to interior detailing during that time. Scheduling may also be impacted by the weather as well.

Yes! Winter salt and other chemicals used on roads can be very corrosive. It's best to have them removed as soon as possible to avoid damage to your car’s exterior or interior surfaces. Avoid the temptation of using automatic car washes, as these may scratch your cars paint, or use strong chemicals which will remove waxes and harm your car in the long term.

No, we currently do not do fleet or dealership vehicles.

If there is access to electricity and water, as well as enough room to open all of the doors, then absolutely. If not, customers can always choose to bring their vehicle to us, and pick it up later that day.

We will detail vintage cars; however we will only detail a modern car’s engine bay (excluding exotic cars).

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